Permits & premises for hazardous materials & equipment

What are the laws in Taiwan regarding the purchase, storage and usage of potentially hazardous materials and equipment?

What materials need permits, and who does one approach to get them?

Does availability for sale to the general public (in physical stores, or online) mean that the material is freely usable without a license? Are there limitations to quantities, suitable premises (e.g. industrial only, not residential) and so on?

The intent is for commercial and/or R&D use.

For completeness, and for the benefit of other people who may come across this thread, let’s cover a broad spectrum:

  1. Flammable materials, e.g. gas canisters, fuels, solvents
  2. Oxidizing materials, e.g. bleach, percarbonates, nitrates and perchlorates
  3. Explosive materials and their precursors, e.g. oxy-acetylene, nitrates
  4. Toxic materials, e.g. heavy metals
  5. Carcinogenic materials, e.g. certain solvents and chemicals
  6. Radioactive materials, or ionizing radiation sources, e.g. tritium lights, intense UV sources
  7. Lasers (not eye safe)
  8. High voltage equipment
  9. Sources of intense, pulsed EM fields
  10. Radio, and microwave sources intense enough to potentially jam nearby consumer electronics

What laws in Taiwan govern when a device may need a permit or a license? For example an EM pulse generator, a coilgun or a home made particle accelerator which may produce radiation.

Where is the line drawn, between a device for research, devices for commercial sale and what could be construed as a device for causing mischief, a weapon or a bomb?

haven’t read, but maybe relevant

Establishment Standard and Safety Control Regulation for Manufacturing, Storing, Processing Public Hazardous Substances and Flammable Pressurized Gases Places

Ionizing Radiation Protection Act

Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Time-Varying Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields

Administrative Regulations on Radio Waves

The Electricity Act

User electrical equipment installation regulations

Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act

Specific Chemical Substance Hazard Prevention Standards

Regulations for the Labeling and Hazard Communication of Hazardous Chemicals

Regulations for Governing Designating and Handling of Priority Management Chemicals

Regulations Governing Designation and Handling Permission of Controlled Chemicals

Agro-pesticides Management Act

Industrial Explosives Administrative Act

Regulations Governing Export and Import Of Strategic High-tech Commodities

Export Control List for Dual Use Items and Technology and Common Military List

if you employ someone including you
Occupational Safety and Health Facilities Regulations


Thank you!

Interesting English list of export controlled items on Page 18. I don’t know Chinese - can someone explain a bit about the context of the document? Are these items in the English list export controlled items from Taiwan to an outside country, or from an outside country exporting to Taiwan?