"Personal leave" (事假)

So according to Article 7 of the ‘Regulations of Leave Taking of Workers’:

“In the event of matters which a worker must personally deal with, he shall be entitled to normal leave without pay not exceeding fourteen days in one year.”

Does anyone know what this means in practice for office workers? Seems like an employer could argue they need to be informed (in writing?) what personal problem you need to deal with, but also seems like it could be used to have an additional vacation period if you don’t mind not being paid for it.

You don’t have to say what the personal leave is for.

If the leave is health related then take a sick leave for half pay. But this needs a note from doctor.


You need to give a “reason”, but it doesn’t say how specific the reason needs to be.

Art. 10:

When a worker demands a leave, he shall make prior oral or written statements giving the reasons and time for such a leave; but, in case of emergency, he may entrust some one to make the leave request for him. The employer may demand the worker to submit relevant documentary evidence.


So technically, you should be fine if you write “reason for taking leave: personal”. I don’t recall any case in which this question arose.

Note that Act of Gender Equality in Employment Art. 20 defines family care leave as a type of personal leave.

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Not only technically.
That’s what I have done for all my personal leaves.

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My water Buffalo :water_buffalo: is sick always worked for me.


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