Personal Sustainability Goals for 2020

I guess personal sustainability goals are a thing now?

Well my first personal sustainability goal is:

Reduce single use drink containers.

  • I now carry a thermos that covers everything from coffee to water to maybe even a cocktail or to keep beer cool. I refill with water every chance I get which is quite convenient in Taiwan with the water dispensers everywhere and also request it be used for other drinks.

And you?


I need to be better about bringing my stainless steel utensils to work so I stop using the disposable chopsticks and spoons. I just always forget to wash my set…

Other than this I think I have developed pretty good habits over the years.

Gave up owning a car, switched to (mostly) plant based diet, fly a lot less, adding solar panels to roof soon


Will be switching to an electric scooter around July. Barely ride as it is but the old 2-stroke smoke machine has to go.

(Fighting the urge not to turn this into a joke by saying stuff like no more tp and using a Japanese bidet instead.)


Would appreciate if someone who is doing it (or have done it in the past) in Taiwan would make a write up with their experiences.

  • where to buy?
  • use large battery for storage?
  • can you sell excess power? There is a recent law that forces the government power company to buy solar power.
  • how long until it amortizes itself?

I have committed to eating fewer beans. And less cauliflower, which for some reason also tends to gas me up a little.

I certainly hope the Earth enjoys the lower surface temps, and that Charon shows some gratitude when it’s my turn to cross the Styx.

Real talk though, beans are some of the best things you can eat - great health benefits, minimal water/pesticide/herbicide usage… and you can repel those who don’t enjoy your natural musk!


All of this are great. But flying less is something I definitely could not do. Especially living on an island. Taiwan is too small and culture, entertainment, travel wise is not for the long term.

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I wish I could help but Im on the other side of the pond. Can ask friends in TW if need be



As a cow, my personal sustainability goal for 2020 is to fart less…I’m like a walking greenhouse gas factory. :relaxed:


I’m sticking with both… Wipe, wash, wipe is where it’s at


I’d eat you but it would conflict with my sustainability plans.


You’re welcome to my methane… :grin:

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You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get myself a 1967 Cadillac El Dorado convertible,
Hot pink with whaleskin hub caps and all leather cow interior and big brown
baby seal eyes for headlights, yeah! And I’m gonna drive around in that baby at 115mph getting one mile per gallon, sucking down quarter pounder cheese burgers from
McDonald’s in the old-fashioned non-biodegradable styrofoam containers and when I’m done sucking down those grease ball burgers, I’m gonna wipe my mouth with the
American flag and then I’m gonna toss the styrofoam container right out the side and there ain’t a God damned thing anybody can do about it. YOu know why? Because
we got the bombs, that’s why.


I’m going to propose Finley’s Rule: every thread tends towards a discussion of bodily functions, with a probability inversely related to the OPs intent.

Incidentally, I’m amazed that bumsprays haven’t made more of an inroad into Europe, especially the UK. Filthy primitives, we are.

My lifestyle is pretty much as sustainable as it’s going to get, at least in the Philippines. Totally off-grid out of sheer necessity.

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Switch all the lights in the house to LEDs to save electricity use.

Fill the void left by Harry and Meghan. I need a job that comes with housing.


Plenty of bodily functions to draw from, unless you are just referring to the ones with gross factor.

Are there pirates in your area?

As per the topic I’d like to switch to a more vegan diet and use the dryer less in summer this year. Probably look for a hybrid model when I replace my small car, but options are next to nothing here in Taiwan.

I’m gonna kick some treenager ass if they don’t start turning off the lights when they leave.