Personalized one-on-one Chinese lessons in Taipei

Hi! I am an American living in Taipei. I’ve been learning Chinese for 10 years now. I have 2.5 years of Chinese tutoring experience of students at the elementary and intermediate levels. I make learning fun and easy - as it should be. I use alternative teaching techniques such as TPRS and comprehensible input, which many students have found very useful.

It may seem odd to have a non-native speaker as a tutor in Taiwan, but you will learn as much if not more with a non-native speaker.

Please see my website to learn more about fees, pedagogy, bio, etc:

If you’re curious about my Chinese level, check out one of my Chinese language vlog posts. This one is on night markets in Taipei and has subtitles… (p.s. I also teach guitar if that interests you…)


References available - just PM me. Thanks!

sadly, i am in taichung, or i would gladly study with you. your spirit really comes through in your vlogs. be happy.

This post was originally posted 1.5 years ago. I am still teaching Chinese privately now and have worked with over 10 students. I currently have openings on weekdays during the day. Please contact me via message or email if you are interested. Many thanks.

I currently have openings Tuesday and Friday afternoons at my home in Guting.

I currently have openings Tuesdays and Fridays during the day. Please contact me directly via email:

I currently have openings weekdays between 10am-2pm. Please feel free to email me: