Pet adoption - 2 cats

I’m not sure if this is the right place. We have 2 cats that need to find a new home and I want to post an ad for adoption. Is this ok?


Thanks. I’m attaching the flyers here.

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Are you in Taipei?

Zhonghe district, New Taipei City. Thanks.

I already have one male cat, who loves biting but he never grew up with another cat, so I’m concerned about that…

If you haven’t found anybody, I am interested.


@Terry_B Thanks for getting back. Could you please send me a message on Line ?

Since no one has contacted me as yet, posting a message here about the status. Anyone interested, please contact me. Thank you.


Posting one more time. If anyone is interested, please contact me.

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If anyone is interested please respond soon.

I think my cat needs a companion… he’s looking out the window constantly and scratching at it because of all the stray cats that passes by.

There are shots you can take that work an entire year.