Pet friendly Taipei

We are a family currently living in Bangkok but due to my husband job we may move in Taipei soon.
My 9 years old son is looking for a pet dog since forever and we are willing to adopt one as soon as we arrive in Taiwan.
The problem is that it seems that find a pet friendly apartment it’s almost impossible, even worst than in bkk.
Doyou know any pet friendly condo or house in Taipei? Or do you have any clue on this topic?
Thank you everyone

You need to search for 可養寵物 租屋 which is "Pet allowed "

This website has pet friendly apartment options , however is all in Chinese and you need to check the landlord may have limits on the number of pets you can own, or what types of pets are welcome at the apartment


Thank you for considering adopting. There are many cute dogs in need of a home.

Just a heads up: the apartments that allow pets are usually not the newest or nicest ones.

Taipei and New Taipei have cute dog parks and you can take your pet in a stroller/pet carrier on the MRT, buses, even taxis if the driver agrees. But always in a carrier.


Honestly I am finding 591 is a bit like 104… basically only the shittiest properties are on it. But it could also just means properties with the worst value and all that…

Anyways if you want to rent somewhere the landlord couldn’t care less about pets, try older and shittier looking apartments. When there isn’t any expensive furniture or fixture to break, the landlord could care less… You are also more likely to find pet friendly apartments if it is unfurnished… the reason is obvious, nothing to damage.

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There are websites other than 591. This one also lets you filter out places that doesn’t allow pets.


My friend eventually found his very cat friendly apartment through an agent. So that’s another option.

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I think this is just something that’s filled out as “no” by default. I think every apartment I’ve had here said no pets on the listing itself but when it came time to show serious interest (basically call and arrange a showing), suddenly the dog was ok. I’d find the place first, then ask/negotiate.


That has been m experiences too

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