Pet Hotel Recommendations?

Over Chinese New Year I am obliged to go to Taichung for a few days to spend time with my in-laws. However, I am not sure what to do with my cat during that time. Yesterday I found a

On Zhongshan North Road, Section 6, No. 312 is the Royal Cat Garden. The have different sizes of cages/rooms/kennels … not sure what to call it … and I think the cheapest is 300nt and the most expensive is 450nt per day. It includes food and litterbox. I felt that my cats were very well taken care of there. I remember they also asked me if I wanted my cats to be bathed or to have their nails clipped. So they also do the beauty parlor thing. They also ask you what your cat eats. I took my cats’ toys there too. My one cat (short-haired) really enjoyes being brushed so I gave them the cat brush and they were happy to brush the cat too. They even commented on my cats’ personalities and habits during their short stay there.

Right next to the Hotel is Dr Simon Kuo’s Animal Hospital (Zhongshan N Rd, Sec 6, #314). He also has a cat sitting facility available but I have not seen it. He just told me that the cages are really big and he is much cheaper than the cat hotel next door.

Thanks Havilina, I actually got my cat from Dr. Simon Kuo but I did not think of asking him to look after my cat while I am away. I will check out the pet hotel next door to him as well.