Pet Hotel?

It’s still a while until our next planned vacation in March, but we’ve been thinking about what to do with our dog for those two weeks that we’ll be in Europe … does anybody know a decent, reliable, humane and affordable Pet Hotel in Taipei? What do other people do? Thanks, Xpet.

Hi Xpet,

Ask your vet if s/he offers boarding at her/his facility. That’s what we do with our cats. It costs $200/day for each cat.

Xpet, I don’t know if this will help but I remember someone posting about a great kennel/boarding facility in Taoyuen by the airport. I saw the website and it looked pretty good. This was a long while ago but maybe trying a search on here would pull up the post. Good luck!

Here it is

[quote=“Jonny Crisp”]Here it is[/quote]

Yes, we’ve taken Dofu there. Its a really nice and spacious place.

There is also a place in Dajr… its smaller, and indoor, but the dogs are out of their cubicles all day and the folks are very nice. I’ll try to find the info for that place.

Wow, thanks everybody, the results look more promising than we expected!

914, yes, that’s what we do with our cat too, but a big dog needs a little more space I reckon, and he’s also not used to sitting on metal bars all day, as most vets usually have these metal cages, right? But if push came to shove I guess you’re right and that solution would have to do …

The Taoyuan place looks good, we’ll check it out asap! Looks like they have some grassy area for the kids to run around … great!

Tigerman, that’s your nicest GD avatar yet … :wink:

Thanks, Xpet.

Here is the place in Dajr. It too is very nice, but its indoors. The website has lots of pictures, but its in Chinese, so if you don’t read Chinese, get someone who does to help.

This place is sort of like an 安親班 (Anchingban) for dogs. Funny.

They separate the dogs at this place into small, medium, large and those with health problems or very old and let the doggies run around with other dogs their size inside all day. The doggies are walked outside too.

This place is nice, but you sometimes need to make reservations early.

BTW, both the Toayuan and Dajr places will send a van out to pick up your dog and will send your dog home in a van too, for a fee, of course.

Cats may be NT$200 a day, but dogs aren’t.
The best place that I have found (but certainly not the only one) is
Margram Animal Hospital
Fulin Road, No. 253, Shihlin (it’s the road that Chungjen turns into as you start to go to the Culture University. There’s a school on the opposite side of the road).
Lenny Yeh is the vet at 0930-940-998/2838-1457
It’s like NT$400 or something and they take the dog out for a walk twice a day. I’ve been going there for about five years. No problems at all.

Cats are probably cheaper since you can stuff them into a shoebox and poke holes in the top and they’ll be fine. Just change the box every week or so.

Do they take you out twice daily, too? :wink:

Now that we are on the subject, I don’t suppose anyone knows of similar facilities further South…around Taichung preferably. Tigerman’s place in Dazhi looks fantastic! It would need to cater for bigger dogs, unless anyone fancies a bit of dog sitting in the future… :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Dazhi place looks like a Tom Dragon for doggies, he probably wouldn’t want to come back home with us … !

Wolf, thanks for the mention of the Shilin place, as that’s quite close to our house we’ll certainly check it out too.

I’d be intrerested to know if these Dog Hotels could accomadate our RAW fed dogs? Do the staff at these places speak English?

They need to watch professional wrestling?
All vets speak English. It’s part of the training as most of the text books are in English.

Not in Taichung they don’t :frowning:

The nog Dog Mall and the also new Pet World both offer boarding. Pricey, but looks nice, and they will board two together for only an additional 50%.

And they have raw meat available. Well, they have meat; you may have to insist on them not cooking it.

Good luck.

Can’t get onto the website of the Dazhi place. Anyone has their phone no?

Could anyone tell me where Dog Mall and Pet World are located and their phone nos?

Try this:


Hope that is still correct!