Pet Hotels in Southern Taiwan?

I am wondering if anyone knows of a good place in southern Taiwan that I can leave my dogs for a week or two while I go on vacation?

Obviously I am looking for a place where they wont just be kept in a cage all day but a place that will take good care of them walking, playing with them etc.

Jiayi would be ideal but either Tainan or Kaoshiung will do.

Thanks. I need a holiday :sunglasses:

:frowning: That’s what I was afraid of

A bit late in replying but I rarely venture into the unknown forum sections :slight_smile: The only places I ever found are the ones you don’t want, they just lock them in a cage for the time you are gone. There may be others but I don’t know of any.

Any Decent ones in Kaoshiung or Tainan?