Pet Peeves in Taiwan

Am I the only one who likes fries with mayonnaise (I hate ketchup)…it really causes heartache in McDonalds espcially since I only go there when I am hyperglaucaemic (sp???) and there is nothing decent to eat on the street.

This is the discourse:

“I like mayonnaise on my fries, can I have some?”

Girl freaks out and gets another assistant.


“Can I have some mayonniase on my fries”

You want this? (Shows me sweet and sour sauce)

“No- mayonnaise please” Getting dizzy and weak.

Another giggling assistant arrives
so…I point to a picture of a chicken burger and say, “what’s this?” pointing to mayonnaise the bun.

“You want lettuce?”

I now start pointing to the equipment at the back of the shop and the mayonnaise dispenser (learn what it looks like fellow fans: yellow and grey). Sliding down front counter.

Manager arrives (the only one thinking in the entire reastaurant)…“ahh, you want mayonnaise.”

“Yes Sir.” Revived with the sugar from the Sprite “now what was that you were saying about culture shock?”

Everytime I go to Starbucks and I order coffee of the day they have to make a new pot. I kow all the other coffees are made individually but the coffee of the day is made it a stainless square pot. I think I am the only person in Taipei that orders coffee of the day. It also take slonger to make that pot then to make a latte or whatever.

You know what bugs me… it’s that tomatoes in Taiwan are green.

Drivers who don’t signal before they turn (in front of you).

People who keep complaining about Taiwan in this forum.

People who keep complaining about people complaining about Taiwan on this forum.

parents who let their 10 year kids jump up and down on my sofa without saying a WORD to them to stop

People who push into the elevator before others have had a chance to exit.

People who cut in line at the 711. :cry:

People with ugly toes.

Anything that’s not assembled with rubber bands or string.

The number of people with bad over- or underbites.

Children running around in restaurants like banshees while their parents sit oblivious.

Originally posted by wolf_reinhold: Children running around in restaurants like banshees while their parents sit oblivious. [img]images/smiles/icon_mad.gif[/img]

…smiling endearingly at them.

Giggling stupid xiao jies who don’t look where they’re going.

Drunk Taiwanese SHOUTING! the finger sign drinking game at the top of their lungs.

The barrage of extremely personal questions under the guise of casual small talk.

The piss-poor customer service one gets 90% of the time in Taiwan, whether dealing with waiters, telphone operators, or “officialdom”.

Those fresh off the boat who think they know everything there is to know about Chinese culture and Taiwanese politics after having spent their first two months is Hess cubicles.

Ugly Chinese. Period.

You’re in a mall, or some other crowded place, doing your thing, when you see a family nearby. One of them sees you, says something to the others, and you have the whole lot looking at you.

Whats up with that?