Petanque in Tainan 09/17/2011


we are going to have a Petanque game in Tainan on Saturday 17th September. Location should be in the Chung Shan Park, the one near the train station.

We have now a blog dedicated to Petanque. If interested, welcome to join: Taiwan Petanque United

Taiwan Petanque United is a group of petanque players from Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung and Tainan. We are taiwanese and expats living in Taiwan.
We are not an association and we are not affiliated to any association in Taiwan or abroad. This blog is here to group information for our community only.

Next game in Tainan: on Saturday 17th September, at Chung Shan Park. Start: 2:00pm. After the game, pizza and beer at Tin Pan Alley.
Next game in Kaohsiung: on Saturday 8th October (to be confirmed)


How much beer and is it free?

I mean for that Sat 17 Sept game.

Yes, the game is free, there is no fees. We are not an association, just a group of friends/people who like to play petanque. Each player brings his own boules. The beer price, I don’t remember, it’s at Tin Pan Alley. Same, each person pays his own beer and meal.

Latest info for this Saturday game:

Date: September 17th, 2011
Start: 14h00
Venue: Dong Shing Park (東興公園) on the corner of Linsen Sec.2 Road and Donghe Road, Tainan City (check Street View)

時間: 2011.09.17(六)
地點: 台南市東興公園 , 林森路二段 & 東和路

More details on our blog: … in-tainan/

Playing petanque with elders.

“Are the rules complicated?”

Tape measures on standby