Peter Tsai, inventor of N95 masks, comes back from retirement to fight Covid-19

This is a nice story. And it’s cool to know the inventor of the N95 mask grew up in Taiwan!

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Tsai came to the United States in 1981 to pursue his doctoral degree in a variety of subjects at Kansas State University, where he completed more than 500 credits, despite needing only 90 to graduate. His thirsty intellect drove him to take courses in subjects ranging from chemical engineering to physics and math.



Old story


Although he probably hasn’t set foot here for forty years.:sunglasses:

He also has some unusual characters for a first name ?


What’s the four fires?

秉 is common enough. The four fires character is pretty unusual. Unsurprisingly, it means “blaze.”

Together the name means something like “controlling a blaze.” Quite apt considering the mask technology he developed controls the spread of viruses, not entirely unlike the spread of fire.

Maybe those fortune teller name gurus are onto something after all.

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That’s what I was thinking. It also sounded like epidemic with my poor tones.:grin: