Pets and Christmas

Owww, this is so cute, thought I’d share:

For dog lovers:

[quote]There’s no doubt that our animals can wreak havoc during the holidays, but I think they simply want to get in on the holiday festivities. My friend Ginny Guidry’s golden retriever, Luke, amply demonstrated that last week.

As Ginny and her son Daniel decorated the tree, her husband sat on the sofa, Luke at his side. Luke watched Ginny and Daniel for a few minutes and then did something that astounded everyone.

“He went over to his toy box, opened it up, dug through it, and pulled out the red-and-green toy he’d gotten last Christmas and brought it over to us,” Ginny says. “Do you think he remembered and specifically chose that toy?”

I do, but only Luke knows for sure. And he’s not talking.


For cat owners:

[quote]Some pets don’t want to do damage at the holidays; they just want to let us know who’s really in charge. At least, that’s the theory that writer Barbara Florio Graham, of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, ascribes to the actions of her cat Simon Teakettle, nicknamed Tiki.

Being an experienced cat owner, she collected nonbreakable ornaments for her Christmas tree, among them several sets of crocheted white snowflakes, which she hung on the Norfolk Island pine in her living room.

“Every year, Tiki would watch carefully as I hung these, listen to my admonitions that he was not to touch, and dutifully leave the room,” she says. “And every morning, one single snowflake, its hook still attached, would have been carefully removed from a branch and placed delicately on the rug. It was his way of letting me know who made the actual decisions in the household.”


My cats basically destroy all flashy thinghies, so Christmas decoration is restricted at home. Anyway, they will still get their presents even if they are naughty.

That is cute. My tree has no ornaments other than the cat who jumps into and falls out of it randomly. I can’t wait to give her her gift! She’s gonna be so fun to watch!

Our xmas tree was on its side more often than standing thanks to my cat’s penchant for thinking she’s a star or fairy and my dogs’ penchant for chasing said star or fairy out of the tree. It happened so often that it has become part of a traditional xmas for me. :slight_smile:

I’m asking Santa to bring back my cat as my one and only xmas pressie this year. It won’t be the same without her. :frowning: