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If you have questions regarding your pets or regarding animals in Taiwan, please familiarize yourself with the following topics. This thread is home to useful information about a variety of topics that were posted by Forumosans like you. You can find lists of veterinarians, info about importing and exporting animals, problems with pets, problems with strays, and much more. Now feel free to add you two cents worth!

If you rescued an animal or if you are trying to find a home for a furry friend, please post your add in the the Rescues & Adoption sub forum. It’s also a great place to find a furry companion.

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[color=green]Helpful Topics: General[/color]

-Taiwan Laws about Animal Eutanasia

-How to Get an Animal off a Glue Trap

-Taking Pets on the Train

-What to do if you see animal abuse (new contact details)

-Please Report Animal Abuse ~ Taipei

-Please Report Animal Abuse ~ Kaohsiung

-Report Cruelty, Abuse & Neglect

-This thread also has good contact information to report animal abuse: “Dogs on one foot chains a suggestion

-Words of Wisdom (Quotes about dogs)

[url= hour Emergency Vets[/url]

[url= List[/url]

- English-speaking vets in Taichung?

-Cats & Dogs in Taiwan

-Your Pet’s Name and Picture

-CNR (Catch-Neuter-Return)

-Canine and Feline Diet

-Beehive: what to do?

-Treating skin diseases~ Cats and dogs

[color=green]Helpful Topics: Dogs[/color]

- Sarcoptic Mange aka Scabies) - Dealing with Isolating a Dog

-Eliminating Play-biting

-Doggie Boarding Services [Taipei]

-Dog-friendly restaurants, etc in Taipei

[url= Kennels[/url]

-Pet Crematorium

-Best Dog Foods?

-How Much Water For A Puppy

-Fleas Ticks and Mites

-Tick Prevention

-Constant Panting

-HELP - How do I stop my dog from howling?

-My dog is always urinating and ALWAYS hungry.

-Help on Dealing With a Rescued Puppy

-Dog training Tips

-Paper Training

-Dogs and Diarrhea

-Vets Mistakes and The Importance of Vaccinations

-How to care for a Husky

-Walking a dog. A number of questions

[color=green]Helpful Topics: Cats[/color]

[url= Kitten FAQ[/url]

[url= Kennels[/url]

-Cats Collars and Safety

-Hand-Rearing Kittens

-How to care for a newborn kitten?

-Alternatives to Declawing Cats

-Bringing a Cat to Taiwan

-Cats and Diarrhea

-Cat Problem

-Why Cats Purr

-Feeding Cats

-Cat predicts deaths of nursing home residents

-Any way to get my cat to quieten down?

[color=green]Animals Species of Taiwan[/color]

-Birding in Taiwan


-SNAKES!!! ~ Part II

-Snake Surprise


-Formosan Blue Magpie

-That Beautiful Mountain Bird (blue magpie)

-Taiwan Owls

-Land/soft Water Crabs in the Mountains of Taiwan

-Repeatedly attacked by a Drongo

-Where can one see a Formosa Flying Fox?

-Could They Have Been Gibbons?


-Scary Hairy Spiders

-It’s Official: Large Wild Cats roam Taiwan’s mountains

-Staffordshire Terrier in Taiwan

-Coolest wild animals I’ve seen here…

[color=green]Importing and Exporting Pets[/color]

[url= Pets out of Taiwan[/url]

-How to get your cat into New Zealand

[url= Pets into Taiwan[/url]

-Microchipping Pets Leaving Taiwan

-South Africans: Read this please Taking pet to South Africa

[url= a Cat from Taiwan to South Africa: Complete Guide[/url]

-How to take your furry friends to South Africa

-Taking an Animal as Excess Baggage