Philippine caretakers abroad

Just watched this documentary from the dutch TV … it’s in English tho.

Would it be the same in Taiwan?

It’s a little emotional somtimes but now I have a deeper insight in the problem these people face … … &end=0:0:0

I share your sympathy, but a few points to ponder.

We should remember that not all of us are fortunate enough to come from developed countries where (and not all developed countries share this trait either) the majority of the population is well off. In many (if not most) countries there is a culture of migrant labour. Poorer people in these countries (and in poorer countries as a whole) depend on finding migrant work in order to support their families. The money they can earn from this kind of work is in most cases princely in sum, as opposed to the kind of work they could find at home. This also affords them the opportunity to provide for their loved ones, as well as giving them a higher status in the areas where they come from.
Migrant labour (on a global scale) can only be expected to increase with the growing trend of globalisation, and not reverse. The challenges we face as people, is not migrant labour itself, but rather how these people are treated. I would expect that in developed European countries these folks are better treated than in less developed countries, but that should be the benchmark to strive for.

But yes, I share your sympathy. It is heart rending to see a mother who has to make a living 1000’s of miles from her children. But perhaps that is better than making a meagre living and hardly able to feed them. The problem is also a little more complicated than just feeding children and educating them. In most cases these women also care for the extended family.

Thanks for the interesting video link. I found it enlightning. I applaud your sensibilities in bringing this to the attention of others. Far too often we see people in these situations and never give them or their plight a second thought. Largely because we have no idea. I’ll certainly look at these women (and men) in a different light from now on…