✈ 🇵🇭 Philippines | Direct Flights from Taipei to Places in the Philippines

Now have direct flights between Taipei and 5 different locations in the Philippines. More close and cheap vacation (or visa run) options.

  • Between Taoyuan and Manila
  • Between Taoyuan and Puerto Princesa on Palawan Island on Tigerair
  • Between Taoyuan and Kalibo near Boracay on Tigerair
  • Between Taoyuan and Cebu
  • Between Taoyuan and Clark at Angeles City

Good news

Nice to see Philippine gov’t offices maintaining the standards for which they are renowned.

:slight_smile: quite possibly a local hire Taiwanese writing and distributing.

Direct flight into Palawan is great news.

I’m intrigued by this. Can you say why? I’ve never been there.


It’s a great island. Lots of stuff to see especially around El Nido. Although tourist numbers are through the roof.

Check these guys out for an off the beaten track adventure:

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Which of those places is good for a family vacation and ideally without packs of tourists from China? I’m pretty sure Angeles City won’t make such a list, but I really know very little of the Ppines.

You still need another flight to El Nido from PP right?
Still it’s better than before. Would like to know the standard ticket price.

One idea is to fly to Cebu and take a bus or private car trip down the island to oslob. Then tour around the triangle of Negros (near to Dumaguete) and Siquiquor and Bohol island all accessible by ferry (if you had interest and lots of time). All of those places are stunning and fairly undeveloped with great diving and snorkelling.

You can also get there by transferring at Manila and flying to Dumaguete airport.

They had some individual Chinese tourists but few tour groups so far, except Oslob which is a whale shark viewing area. Siquiqor especially is a gem.

It reminded me of Thailand over 20 years ago and that’s a very good thing. It’s cheap, its cheerful, it’s undeveloped and very natural overall. Did not feel unsafe. The only really poor point was the food but we did find some nice restaurants too.


The bus is OK so long as it isn’t rainy season.

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Your okay might not be my okay :). I will be inquiring again as we plan to go to Palawan this year.

Goats and chickens make very nice seat companions…

No raccoons, good.

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Pretty hype about Palawan, makes it a plausible weekend destination as long as the departure times work out!

You can get to PP but that’s still six hours drive to the north. But it’s definitely a nice addition.

399 nt one way …Hmm I wonder if it will be 6000 for the return like Air Asia and company ? Boracay is still not back to normal, with only lists of “approved” places to stay acceptable and virtually no watersports allowed.
For those that bought properties there, quite legitimately, it’s been a nightmare.
You can’t even live at your property , as you must stay at one of the “approved” places. You need a special licence to upgrade any water issues , like sewerage , but unless you had it before, it’s proving to be impossible to upgrade . So they want to clean it up …great …but they won’t allow many properties to do the work . Even though the same “Officials” passed all planning issues and lawyers confirmed .
Phils is great …Dutuerte is an ass. Good idea to clean up Islands…but it’s like putting Theresa May in charge of it .:unamused:

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It costs nearly the same to fly to Taidong as it does to Boracay.


Good to see many low cost airlines establishing routes again.

I don’t know why visa runs to Hong Kong and Okinawa are so popular when it’s cheaper to go to Philippines and cheaper after you arrive and possibly more fun.