Philippines/Taiwan Dual Nationality

I am a Filipina married to a Taiwanese. I also want to have a Taiwan ID but I don’t want to give up my Philippine nationality. Is it now allowed to have Philippines-Taiwan dual citizenship here in Taiwan and in the Philippines? Or if I have to choose, which one would be better, to be a Taiwan citizen or just keep my Philippine nationality? Thank you very much for your time!

check with the Filipino trade office I know of one Filipino in your situation that got her Filipino citizenship back, but it was something fo a special case.

After almost 14 years, I logged in again in this website… I have now my dual citizenship, I did a lot of hard work, spent money and time, I thank God, I was able to do all the procedures! So, for those wanting to have a dual citizenship, just keep on doing what you need to do, you will succeed one day! :blush:


This is the way. Those of u that see what the rules and process are just get on with it.
It’s a lot of work but worth it in the end.

I would love to hear about your process! Did you give up and then reattain it?

Congratulations! & Welcome back!

Manila Economic and Cultural Office | Services - Dual Citizenship (

FYI, Philippines embassy has a page dedicated to this, detailing all the steps and fees. It costs about 10,000NT$ to resume, at least the official fees, but presumably it will cost a lot of time and money to prepare everything.

I may need to help my wife through this process if she decides to resume her Filipino citizenship after renunciation.


Thank you!

This will be helpful for many. Maybe @GooseEgg will find this helpful too.



I just went to this thread to scold whoever geavedigs such an old post. But actually this is a relevant and very happy update. Thanks a lot!