🇵🇭 Philippines | Vote for the Philippines the World Travel Awards before 28 Jul 2024

Sharing this here for my buddy, Gerry Panga, Tourism Attache at the Philippine Embassy in London. I first got to know Gerry in Taipei when he was tourism attache at MECO. By coincidence, we both moved to Shanghai around the same time 17 years ago.

If you want to vote and help boost the Philippines in the categories it is mentioned, here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • You need to create an account on the World Travel Awards website. What I did was use my Gmail address and added “+worldtravelawards” to my email before the @ sign. This way, if I ever get spam because of this, I can make mura Gerry (just kidding)

  • There are over 480 categories to vote from around Asia. You can ignore MOST of them. The Philippines or Filipino sites are mentioned in only 7:

    • Asia’s Leading Beach Destination
    • Asia’s Leading Dive Destination
    • Asia’s Leading Island Destination
    • Asia’s Leading Luxury Island Destination
    • Asia’s Leading Tourist Attraction
    • Asia’s Leading Tourist Board
    • Asia’s Leading Wedding Destination
  • Taiwan is in a few categories, but it’s mostly airline related and China Airlines is the only Taiwan airline listed.

Calling all our global industry supporters and overseas Filipinos!

Please support and vote for the Philippines in the 2023 World Travel Awards (WTA) - Asia & Oceania Category through this link https://www.worldtravelawards.com/vote.
*WTA online voting is open until 2024-07-27T16:00:00Z

Philippine Department of Tourism - London Office


I don’t want to vote for the Philippines because it will get too popular like Thailand and be half ruined.
Only semi joking too. :blush:

Sorry do vote for the Philippines folks it’s a great destination.


But Koh Kood is the best beach destination plus they got the good kush.

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