Phone screen went blank

I just got the new iphone 6 about 3-4 months ago and now the screen is just completely blank. It’s from Taiwan Mobile aka 台灣大哥大. Do they have a warranty on something like that. Theres absolutely no scratches, dents, ect, on it and its like out of the box. Thanks

hey you can take it back to them and tell them exactly what happened. and they should be able to offer you an exchange for a new one since it is only a 3 to 4 month old since purchase. if that don’t work you can bring it to me. I run a repair shop for Apple product in Taipei Ximen Ding. my engineer could take a look and fix it for ya. PM me if you have the need of our services. PS: cool profile pics man, really gutsy haha is it you for real?