Phonics and Reading site

Here’s a really nice phonics and reading site that I have been using a lot.


I have been using

Althought you would have to pay a fee to get access to majority of their stuff, it’s soo worth it. And the lessons are well designed.

Almost all of the classes in my school have been using all school year. I have it set as my homepage so my little ones can just click the internet explorer icon and start on their ownwithout needing setting up. This is unlike which is a flash and therefore requires someone opening up the actual children’s section with no option to bookmark to it directly, let alone set it up as a homepage.

I like how they have updated their website with the short vowels at the bottom of the beginning phonics. Also the little videos they do on things like “alphabetical order” and the “silent e” are very cute.

Another nice website for sight words and phonics is with both online and printed materials.