Phonics books that don't suck

Well, where are they?

Any suggestions?

OUP’s Bug’s Phonics. Quite expensive but fun to use.
There’s also a great series of ultra mini books which I think are also by OUP. I can’t remember the name sorry, but here’s a sample book for Ch. Goes something like this, but there should be 8 lines, one line per page.
Chicken chews the chocolate chew chew chew
Cheetah chews the chocolate chew chew chew
Chimp chews the chocolate chew chew chew
No more chocolate. What shall we do?
Here comes the chocolate train. Choo! Choo Choo!

Fun for kids but, you know what, I borrowed the set from my student (who I no longer keep in tocuh with unfortunately) and used them with older kids and adults and they love them too! They even remember the 8 line ‘poems’ better than me.
Maybe someone else knows the name of this series?

With which age group of students would you be using these books? I completely agree with your observation that most books suck. I’ve got a book back in HK that I used a lot with younger primary school kids. Good layout and plenty of examples with illustrations. No exercises, though. I just came up with my own exercises to go with it. If you like, I’ll dig the book up this coming weekend and post the details. I don’t know if you can find it in Taiwan, though.

[quote=“Bassman”]Well, where are they?

Any suggestions?[/quote]

They all suck. Every one of them. And so do the people who write them. Where do they get these people? They probably all have fancy degrees, but they don’t shit about teaching. That’s why I am working on my own phonics book. Same for grammar and games, because there’s not a decent book out there anywhere. I’m also rewriting the dictionary. So sick of those crap dictionaries. Sure they have a lot of words, but I just don’t like the order they put them in. It’s not user-friendly, it’s just so damn linear. Okay, perhaps I’m being just a wee bit ureasonable but it’s a really bad hair day.

I should be more positive. How about Mr. Bug’s Phonics?


It is important to put that little laughing icon ( :laughing: ) when you mean something as a joke.

In that case, how about “Up and away in Phonics”? :smile: