Photo of the Month

I see we have “quote of the day” …and…“avatar of the week”.

How about “Photo of the Month”?

Here’s my pick:

Anyone know why that photo isn’t showing up?

It’s posted on Flickr; I cut and pasted the URL; wrapped it in ‘Img’ tags.

So what am I doing wrong?

Get rid of the stuff after .jpg

Funny pic, sort of. It illustrates that the woman holding the sign hasn’t a clue as to why Clinton was in trouble. If she thinks getting a blow job would result in Bush getting impeached, I wonder why she doesn’t offer to blow him? She’s not much of a patriot, I guess…

:nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw:

Not Safe For Work NSFW

Life summed up in a single shot!!

That woman with the sign used an exclamation point to punctuate a question. That drives me crazy? Please don’t correct my spelling . . .