Photo trips - Inspired by the Daily Photo thread

hmm… I was sorta thinkin the same :laughing:

This sounds like fun. I don’t plan on moving until end of Sept, so I’ll miss the July 30th event and whatever is planned for Aug. and Sept. I am a complete amateur, though. I’m considering buying the Canon 5D while I’m still in the States. Anyone have any experience with this camera? Any recommendations/suggestions for a good digital SLR?

I guess there’s only one way to find out. :wink:

Along the Neiwan line, from what I can work out, there’s usually a fair amount of Taiwanese tourists as well, and Beipu, while small, is big enough that it’d be easy to split into smaller groups and wander around the village and down into the rice fields.

p32rad… If the $300 rebate is still active, definitely buy it in the States. The 5D is an awesome camera especially if you are coming from a 35mm background… the only thing I would have to say about the 5D is that it requires high(er) quality glass (be prepared to invest in a lot more than just the body alone). I’ve got a Tamron SP AF28-75mm which in my opinion, barely cuts it for the 5D… it worked great with the 350D (APS-C)… but now that its on fullframe, the weaknesses are definitely showing (vignetting). Also, the 5D is a bit slow especially for the price… so if sports, wildlife, action photography is your thing then you might be better off with something like a 20D or 30D. Other than that, the 5D is awesome, picture quality is excellent, low noise, great for night time shooting, perfect for portrait work too.

As far as being an amateur is concerned, there’s nothing to worry about – most of us here, including myself, are amateurs anyways… (it’s all in fun). Although it would be nice to know if we had some pros amongst us to show us the ropes :wink: Good luck and see ya when ya get here.

I guess there’s only one way to find out. :wink: [/quote]

Sounds like a plan to me! :smiley:

The rebate offer ended July 15. I could have purchased it before the expiration but wasn’t sure whether the camera was worth the price. Now, I feel like if I buy it, I missed out on $300 bucks!!! I’m thinking of waiting for the price to go down or until Canon has another rebate offer. If the prices don’t go down until after I get there, I’ll just order it on-line and have it shipped to relatives in the states. I plan on going home for Christmas, so I can pick it up then.

Right now I have a Canon Elan IIE with the lens that comes with it in the Canon kit. I just recently purchased a Canon EF 16-35 mm f/2.8L USM and absolutely do not know how to use it (I’m a true amateur), so having some “pros” join the group would be great. :slight_smile:

May I suggest that you announce each trip in the Event forum? This way it will get more attention and information (where and when to meet, who is coming etc.) won’t get lost in the other discussions, i.e. the details are easier to find. :slight_smile:


Any more Photo trips being planned??

Yeah I started reading this thread and was all, “I’m in! When? Where?” - until I saw it was from back in July.

So yeah, if the first trip went well, I second the motion for another.

Also curious if you guys are familiar with I’ve been following for about two years but have been slack about participating as of late.

Energy and Wanger114,

The first trip was so successful that I was the only person there. Didn’t really bother me - I got some good shots and I usually shoot solo anyway.

If either of you guys want to organise a trip, I’d be up for it. But I’m not doing any organising - once bitten, twice shy and all that.