Photo trips - Inspired by the Daily Photo thread

The Daily Photo thread is now 20 pages long, and contains some great photo’s from all over Taiwan. And photo’s have been posted by people who live all over Taiwan.

So I was thinking about arranging some photo trips. Maybe once a month or so. It’s always more inspiring to shoot with other enthusiasts.

There are great places to photograph all over the island. I’m sure you guys in Taipei know some great places there, that the casual visitor would never find. Here in Changhua, I know some good places that the casual visitor here wouldn’t find. And I’m sure the same applies in other cities.

So how about a semi-regular photo trip, so that we can all get out together, shoot some images, make some friends, discover some new locations, learn from each other.

I don’t envisage it like previous photo-clubs where people sit around looking at prints, instead, it’s just a bunch of folk from all over the island getting together to shoot in one place. We could then post our best onto these forums to share (or not as the case may be).

So, is anyone interested?

That sounds like a really neat idea. I’m sure there are lots of photographic places around the island that we “locals” can show off to others.

I’d be interested.

I’m in!

I bought a book a while ago about the Top 25 places to check out sunrises and sunsets in northern Taiwan. There are a couple places on the northeast coast that I’d love to check out like Waimushan (外木山) and Peace Island (和平島) which are supposed to have jaw-dropping sunrises. Would probably need someone with a car.

Besides that, I’m always up for showing people some places I’ve found around Yilan.

And as well as areas we “know” that we can show to others, I’m sure there’s plenty of places that’d be new to us all. Any ideas for a first location and date?

Can rank amateurs take part? Will there be beer?

[quote=“sandman”]Can rank amateurs take part?[/quote]Odors will not matter to the digital image.[quote=“sandman”] Will there be beer?[/quote]A very important consideration. Steadies the hand it does.

As some of us are not in the Taipei are, might I make a suggetion?

Selecting a particular subject and then submitting our visual interpretations of that subject.
I thought of this in regards to the imagery BP posted of the roof lines.
I think this could be loose enough that it might be fun.
Just a suggestion.

Sandman, I think most of the posters here are amateurs; not many of us have ever been paid for our work. But that shouldn’t have anything to do with this kind of activity, I think.

To me a place for good photography would be older, more run-down parts of the city, especially later in the day or at night. Maybe a night-time tour of Wanhua? But then again, photography is a solitary activity for me.

somethihg like

~ Dre

Absolutely a good idea. I like your photos.
Set a date and place since it’s your idea!

I was thinking more along the lines of a group (or groups) getting together on a semi-regular basis to shoot together.

For example, we decide to go to, say, Sanyi, in Miaoli county and shoot at the old station and ruined bridge. The people from Taipei would have to head south, the people from Kaoshiung/Tainan etc north. And there’s plenty to do for any non-photographers that want to come (for those of you with families), but don’t have the patience to wait while a group of photographers take 100s of shots of the same thing, and then decide to wait an hour for better light and do it again. :laughing:

I wouldn’t want to impose any kind of restriction on who could come - whether you’ve been taking pics for years, or it’s your first time with a camera, it’s all in the name of fun. And beer is as close as the nearest 7-11 :beer:

TC’s idea of interpreting a subject is a good one - different to what I had in mind, but there’s no reason why we can’t do both.

Great idea CF! Count me in. :slight_smile:

If possible… I’d definitely be interested in the aboriginal community 'round here.
Or more traditional older school stuff… perhaps something like a Hakka village.

ZS - I’d like to take a trip to some aboriginal or Hakka villages. I’ve been to Beipu before - it’s not bad, great scenary, but the town itself is not much. I’m not really familiar with any other places, except for things like the “Aboriginal Culture Village” near Sun Moon Lake. That’s supposed to be fairly interesting, but I missed it the times I’ve been to SML.

My choice of place would be somewhere in the Miaoli/Hsinchu mountains - especially in the heat of summer, being up a few hundred meters might be nicer than being in a city.

How’s the last weekend in July or first weekend in August look for everyone interested? That’d give us enough time to agree on a place.

Im interested…depending on days times etc…sounds like a hoot

Good for me, work permitting.

[quote=“zerosum”]If possible… I’d definitely be interested in the aboriginal community 'round here.
Or more traditional older school stuff… perhaps something like a Hakka village.[/quote]

I’m with that.

Ok, somewhere along the Neiwan line (unless someone can provide a car that will fit everyone).

For those without cars, simply get to Hsinchu and transfer to the Neiwan line. If anyone is driving, take the 3 and we could all meet in Jhudong. Hengshan is close by, and Beipu is a short bus (maybe even taxi) ride from Jhudong.

If I remember rightly, there’s a Hakka guy named Steve or Steven, who owns a cafe in Beipu and he’s also a photographer. He gave me and Howie some tips about photo locations when we were there (2 years ago though).

Does the last Sunday in July (30th) work for everyone? (typhoon permitting). I’ll probably head up to Hsinchu on the Sat and stay the night there, and do some street shooting, so if anyone wants to join me on Sat, let me know.

Sounds ok to me. I would be concerned about a huge group of foreigners armed with cameras descending on an aboriginal village. Will that be ok with them?