Physically attacked with no cameras - what to do?


I would like to ask what is the correct course of action in this situation.

I, a foreigner, was attacked in a private establishment in an area without cameras. It was a Taiwanese man who did it. His friend was there but it was only the one who physically attacked me. Given the circumstances I opted not to fight back but retreated as I will later explain. There was another elder Taiwanese man there as well who witnessed it.

I am not hurt physically, but still feel under threat as this is an establishment I visit regularly. The attack was unprovoked from my point of view, at best it was an asymmetrical response to something they imagined, as I didn’t so much as say a word to, or even look at this person. Maybe that was the problem, some ego thing. It came out of nowhere.

As soon as it happened I left the room and reported it to the management who attempted to mediate but drew no conclusion.

I threatened to call the police but the management informed me that because there is no camera evidence and because the person who did it was Taiwanese and has a witness and I have no witness it would probably not go in my favor. The elder person is unlikely to side with me, probably wants nothing to do with it and would say “I don’t know” at best. And in my own judgement the person who attacked me and his friend are likely to make up a story and try and get me in trouble.

I wonder what my options are in this case. I don’t think calling the police will help and may even result in them lying and trying to get me in trouble to save their own skin.

Like I said I am not hurt and my things are not broken, because both me and my possessions were the subject of the attack. You could say it failed in that sense but I feel an ongoing threat and risk of escalation by this person, since they seem very irratic and unpredictable, and I am outnumbered as they are always with their friend.

There is also the emotional issue of how that feeling affects me since like I said this is a place I visit frequently, and intend to keep doing so. I have seen them around before but do not know them. The management refused to do anything because there were no cameras.

Since this happened only a few days ago and in Taiwan, I am trying to get a sense of what my retaliatory (nonviolently) measures can be, but also if you have any resources on how to deal with this psychologically I would appreciate those as well. It is having an unprecedented negative effect on me.

Thank you.

What kind of “private establishment”?


It was a gym. Nothing shady.

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If this is management’s attitude when one of their customers gets physically assaulted, I’d suggest not giving them my business in the future.


I would absolutely not return to that establishment. I would try to get some record of their response to the matter and consider how I would proceed with that, including by going to the police.


If it was a sexual attack in the changing room, I would:

  1. talk immediately to a local Taiwanese friend who goes back in with you to talk to management. Better to bring 2 or more local Taiwanese friends. Ask for money back, all money back. Make sure they talk really loud about the attack in the public area of the gym
  2. send e-mail to K-man to explain what happened and see if it’s worthy of news coverage.

It wasn’t a sexual attack. OP can we ask where you’re from?

he only said “attacked”. if not sexual attack, I would still do the same. Bring 2 or more Taiwanese friends with you and make a loud stink to get your money back

I just can’t imagine why you’d ever go back to this place if the management is this disinterested in protecting your well-being. You really can’t just find another gym that you like more? There’s so many.


How do they handle cases where you are from where

a) There are no cameras to show what happened
b) No wounds etc on the “victim”
c) No one saw it, except the perp(and his friend who doesn’t want to get involved) who is denying your accusations?

In no country I am aware of(except perhaps some corrupt places like china where you can bribe the cops) would you have recourse.


What would you do when the same thing happens in your country.

To respond to multiple comments (sorry the quote button only does one at a time):

It was not a sexual attack. It was a physical attack. I retreated otherwise it would have been a fight.

I would like to keep going to this gym, I understand their position in a way that it’s my word against his and he has a witness on top of that. And I do not speak their language. What I would like ideally is some action against him, by both the gym at least, and hopefully by the police.

For sure that friend is willing to lie for him, and that is why I am scared to go to the police. Because what if he gets called in and then makes something up about me, now it’s 2 against one and on top of that I don’t speak the language.

I am on weak ground and I know it, and that is part of how this is affecting me. I feel unable to defend myself in any way, and the two sources of possible protection are the gym which is at best ambivalent or unconcerned, and the police who as somebody just mentioned has no evidence, and could be manipulated because of 2 vs 1.

You’ve kind of answered your own question. You have no leverage and no possible good outcome without leverage. Sometimes in a foreign land you just have to walk away.


What happens if the guy attacks you again? He’s already gotten the message that he can do so with impunity. Seriously, just stop going to that gym.


Sorry this happened to you. The easiest solution is to patronize a different gym. And I think it would also be wise to try making some friends who are willing and able to back you up when situations like this arise.




It’s Chinatown jake…


Report it with the police. Nothing will come of it, but if he does it again you have evidence of previous. That will also help you if you fight back in future.


Them trying to convince you not to go to the police sounds pretty shady.


Yes. Their prime motivation seems to be covering their asses.