PIC 18Fxxx microcontroller, where to find?

I thought this should be easy, really easy on an island like this but when I asked several shops along ChungHwa, GuangHwa, underground MRT mall, all they have are the older PIC 16Fxxx series. So if anybody ever stumbles upon a shop that sells the PIC 18F2455, 2550, 4550, 452, let me know, thanx. Oh, must be in or around Taipei or Taipei Hsien only.

This list might somewhat narrow down your search: microchip.com.tw/disti.htm

Good luck!

Have you asked in some of the shops across the road from the “new” computer market?
I saw loads of electronic components shop downstairs there that seems to sell just about everything you could ever possibly want.
Making your own analog satelite reciever cards are we? :smiley:

From microchips website these are the contacts in Taiwan microchip.com/stellent/idcpl … try=Taiwan

I’m a little curious, it seems the main feature here is the USB 2.0 , is there a reason you chose the pic ? I worked on a few designs for USB and normally select a cypress chip, for USB 2.0 the FX2 was easy to work with. Depending on the application it might not even be necessay to program a chip, for example FTDI provide bridges and drivers for a lazy mans approach to get USB up and running on many products.

If you are planning on doing a USB design, be warned, creating drivers on the computer side is a pain in the ass, working with USB is a lot more tricky than earlier standards like RS232 and is often underestimated the amount of work that needs to be put in.

Of course if you are proramming you will also need an emulator so if you already have one compatible to the Pic chip this may have been the reason for chip selection.

thanks all for the replies, yes I was itching for usb. Did wish it was available straight from a retail shop, altho if i can get free samples I might go to those distributors ;-). Is that cypress stuff sold at retail?

Most chips of this type are not available at retail, you need to go to the distributors. There are literally thousands of chips on the market so theres no way for a retail shop to stock more than the usual Pic, AVR , 8051 , 6502 and so on.

That said, without knowing more about your application/buget/resources it is difficult to advise. Do you already have development tools? There are many platforms for USB such Atmel, Pic, Cypress, Texas instruments, Phillips, ST, FTDI depends partially on your application and preference. Cypress is widely regarded as being the best for many applications but the development tools will be more than for the pic.

Also if you plan to design a PCB and especially in the case of USB2.0, layout can have a serious impact on performance.

If your looking for more information on USB I can suggest reading USB Complete by Jan Axelson. It covers just about everything for someone looking to design a custom USB peripheral.