PIC QUIZ ROUND 11 (Where is this /or What happened there?)

No, I cannot. Nobody ever taught me how. I’m completely innumerate.

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regional break

I guessed regional, but cannot find good 5 letter word with e at the 3rd position. I’d go making random guesses every 5 min.

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Oh, you mean because I was supposed to be limited to two? The thing is, I wasn’t sure regional museum was correct. Sorry for joking earlier. At first I thought you were joking.

But if you mean that I took your point away by doing the third item, well, I apologize. I can’t undo that,* but what I can do to try to make amends is to take my ball and bat and glove and go home. :slight_smile: I can’t seem to get the hang of this game.

*Also, as far as I’m concerned, you can have the regional museum point and the colorful palafitos point. I bequeath them to you.

why I have to explain that I’m just joking so often these days… sigh

regional arena

I counted for you. Museum is a 6 letter word, but the second blank has only 5 letters. Our leader MUST not make a such mistake like miscounting. Museo is 5 letters but the e is at a wrong place.

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You did a great job.

It looks like there’s no solution, but for all I know, one of your two above answers may have solved the puzzle.

regional knell

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Btw, this kvell quiz thread MUST attract more participants.

I must post kwela in another thread.

And I’ve never been Moers.

I have no idea what is the value of my power of obeah. Even I don’t know if I have the power of obeah.

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heritage doers

medicine bread

delicate sheds

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regional odeon or odeum


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O has a lot of candidates. Okehs, I’d continue.

Is the town olent as Taiwan is?

Omega-3 fish oil may be good for something.

OMERS is a Canadian pension fund

If onely @hannes got up early enough…


demiurge fleet

decision steam

religion trend

petition sheet

mournful pavilions

Isn’t that the one they say is healthy? I get the omegas mixed up.

That works.

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regional oread

Maybe moved from Greek

Yeah, and there’s also a store in Taoyuan called Oread.

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regional pheon
The allow could point museum or something

Regional press

Regional queon

Regional rheum
Some kind of metaphor?

Regional scena

Regional sheal

Regional wreck

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All these letters have worn me out. I gotta take a little nap.

“I can nou,te perfitly my pater-noster, as the prest it syngeth: But I can rymes of Robyn Hood and Randolf Erle of Chestre.”

Is here any prexy on the forum?

Do you guys have a sceat?

crab at zoeal stage is cute.

I wonder how many words I remember this afternoon.

I will be mad at you @hannes, if you miscounted, or @FenjaJie comes and finds the right word from no where.

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Of course I miscounted, who do you think I am? Dr. Math Perfect?

Now, the question is, did I do it on purpose or was it an honest mistake?

Watch this, and you will feel better:

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OK, here is what I am going to do. I will give @Tando the point for the useum, and I will give @Charlie_Jack the two points for the three guesses. Reason is, I will post partem insert a new rule that says → the two point rule only applies to the three players currently in the top three spots on the leader board. This way all the other players can score as much as they like to make up ground until they are the ones in the top three. Sounds like a good idea, right? Perfect ruling right there, offsetting the not so perfect letter counting. All even. :100:


The Spanish was only 5 words if that helps…