Picking up a package at 7-11

What exactly do you say to the clerk? I’ve been told so many different ways to say you want to pick up a package and each time the clerks get super confused and have no idea what I want.

I’ve been told if it’s from Lativ you just say Lativ.
If it’s a book from books.com.tw you just say book lai ne (or something like that)

But what about just a simple package? How do you say, “I would like to pick up a package.”

I normally just show them the message I got to say it’s arrived and smile.

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is there any better way if you don’t speak Chinese?

取件 取貨


Send my wife :rofl:


Don’t you walk to the locker and pick it up yourself then walk out of the store?


At the 7/11 near home I just say:“Hello!” followed by the last 3 digits of my phone number, they know me and are familiar with my constant flow of completely legal and harmless packages. But at the very beginning I used to show the phone message/mail because I didn’t know the parcel/package word.

This is the standard back and forth conversation I use between myself and the clerk whenever I go pick up a package at any convenience store:

Me: 您好, 我要領包裹 (Nín hǎo, wǒ yàolǐng bāoguǒ) [Hi, I want to pick up a package]
Clerk: 手機末三碼? (Shǒujī mò sān mǎ) [Your phone’s last 3 digits?]
Me: xxx
Clerk: xxx先生是嗎? (Xxx xiānshēng shì ma?) [Are you Mr.xxx?] or 請問你大名是? (Qǐngwèn nǐ dàmíng shì?) [May I know your full name please?]
Me: Yes! or I give my full name
Clerk: 這樣xxx元喔 (Zhèyàng xxx yuán ō) [That will be NT$xxx] or if I have already prepaid for the parcel, the clerk will ask if I brought my ID with me and will need to verify it—> 請問有帶證件嗎? (Qǐngwèn yǒu dài zhèngjiàn ma?) [Did you bring any ID?]
Me: Flashes my ID!!
Then I sign a little slip and take the parcel. Simple!


Maybe substitute a xiang3yao4 (would like) in there for politeness?

Remember wo yao is “I want” - imagine saying that in English :blush:

Yeah, if you take the literal translation of “我要”, it means “I want” or “I demand” which could be somewhat impolite in English…but when we use it in Mandarin, “我要” is perfectly acceptable and polite which loosely translates to “I would like” … e.g: “我要一包香菸”, “我要寄包裹” “我要兩顆茶葉蛋” “我要一個蔥油餅” …Adding a “我想要” to all those above would be overkill/politeness overload and in some instances could be misinterpreted as “I am thinking of…” e.g: “我想要考慮辦499的方案, 但不曉得這樣速度會不會被影響呢?”


Got this message from 7-11 tracking system:

Google translated to: package waiting for delivery.

Is Google correct?

I just want to be sure it is still at a sorting facility and not already delivered to 7-11.

Google’s correct…It means your package is waiting to be picked up at the sender’s 7-11…You will receive an SMS text once the package has arrived at your 7-11. It takes 2 days for the package to travel from one 7-11 to another.

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Thanks Spring Onion.