Pickled Green Peppercorns

Where can I find: Green Peppercorns, pickled / in brine? City Super in Sogo at Zhongxiao Fuxing doesn’t have it, and neither did I find it at several Costco and Carrefour locations… Who has actually seen it?

Like this:

Wow, I haven’t. Never saw before anywhere or even heard of.

[quote=“tempogain, post:2, topic:156003, full:true”]Never saw before anywhere or even heard of.

Hmm. I’m pretty sure the last time I lived in Taiwan, before 2011, I bought them regularly. No idea where, though, if it wasn’t City Super. Great for red wine sauce accompanying Steak…

They sound awesome. I literally have never heard of them.

Finally I can answer my own question: you can find pickled green peppercorns in Neihu, in an “fancy” western style foods shop called Ambrosia. Watch the expiry dates on things you buy there, and be prepared for 1970s style opening hours (mo-fr till 18:00 IIRC).


Lane 345, Yangguang Street, Neihu District


Hmm. Good store to know about. If I’m using their website right, it looks like a place you can get canned tomatillos - something I haven’t seen here in a few years.

I bought some a few years at Jasons at Taipei 101. A few week’s later they didn’t have it again. Special foods like that don’t have a big market in Taiwan. Now if you want a good selection of instant noodle…

Really? Where?

Carrafoure, seven-11, even the internet cafe. Even the rich shops have a whole aisle for them.

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