Pickled Onions, Vegetable etc

I have started making UK style hot spicy pickled onions (shallots) some beetroot and plan to make more. Great stuff in season at the moment.
My plan is to eventually produce and sell in Taipei.
Big Question how would Taiwanese go for this stuff they have pickles, but mine will be different lot more spice, I have made some sweet spiced vinegar as they seem to like sweet?
My partner is making Sourdough bread and scones, have become very populer with Taiwanese friends so we hope to produce and sell this as well, small scale.

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I think it’s a fairly safe bet. Taiwanese people generally tend to like vinegar. I personally love it.

There’s some old wives tale about how if you enjoy the taste of vinegar you’re more likely to give birth to a son. Joke’s on them, I don’t plan to have children at all.

Just be careful about ‘Taiwanese friends liked it’, it will go on for a while and than just drop dead. I’ve been there before.


Yep. There’s a cultural norm here, OP, where people tell you what they think you want to hear. This makes market research involving Taiwanese friends very dubious.


Best I go for expat market, not planning on selling big time pocket money really.

Expat what?

The problem with anything like this is that you basically need to create your own market. You’re in the same position the Red Bull guy was in when he decided to sell some weird-tasting fizzy water in Europe. It’s possible you’ll become the pickle king of Taiwan, but you’d need a killer marketing strategy to do it.

Just off the top of my head, you might try getting your product into a chain of “Western” themed restaurants to accompany specific dishes. But you would first have to convince them that watery tomato pasta isn’t very Western, and that your product is the real deal. This will be quite hard, because e.g., the boss’s cousin worked in a San Francisco restaurant for three months on washup when he was 18, and he knows lots about Western food, whereas you don’t.


i don’t think pickled onions are something that would be enjoyed by anyone outside of an english pub. let alone taiwanese who already have plenty of their own better pickled stuff.

i think their are better items that could be appealing. sausage roll or something like that.

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Pickled eggs would go down a treat. They sold them for a time at Carrefour, but they were a bit bland (if that’s possible with vinegar). They since seem to have disappeared.

It would be a small market - flatulent Englishmen.


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The OP could sell them as big nose pidan. I can see a market.

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Either that or a Desperate Dan Cow Pie.

There might be a market for that, too.

Thank you for Comments, I am talking pocket money here not Global domination.
Hey when you try them?

I’ve seen a few piemakers come and go over the years. Some of them were very good. Taiwanese people just don’t seem to be interested in pies.

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You’d be surprised. The Taiwanese guys who drink, drink heavily. And they like salty, vinegary, strong flavoured snacks.

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Yeah that’s not where I set my personal bar