I am either the stupidest person around, or the victim of a pickpocket today. I was on HePing, between FuXing and Dun Hwa and withdrew $ to pay bill and hand my nanny her hong bao. Between the bank and CHung Hwa Telecom on the corner of Dun Hwa my wallet went missing. My girlfriend was with me and she had been bumped into by someone- I was not, but the gal who bumped into her had someone with her. Now that I think about it, the 2 gals straddled us and we walked between them. I don’t know for sure that it was a pick pocket, or if the wallet just fell out of my purse in a 2 block walk, but someone just got a big huge hong bao at the expense of my nanny :imp:

The pickpockets are out in force at this time of year, watching for people to withdraw large sums of cash from ATMs and then moving in to relieve them of their load. It’s more than probable that your wallet was lifted as you suspect, and you have my sympathy for it. It pays to be alert to the danger and extra careful in the run-up to the Chinese New Year.

Yes, and this is the only time of year it could happen in Taiwan pretty much. Chances are, though, you lost your wallet. I know in the states, if you dump a wallet in the post office box, they post office will try to return it if there is ID in it. Has anyone ever heard of something like that in Taiwan?

Yes my girlfriend got her wallet returned in the post after the money was taken when she dropped it. I think they will dump the wallet and hopefully you will get most of your cards back.

Hmmm, if I got straddled by two girls, it might be worth surrendering my wallet and its contents. :wink:

No, no, I shouldn’t have written that. Sorry about the flippancy, Sharky. :smiley:

Omni, you are forgiven, this time -but woe be you to be flippant again! :wink:

Sorry to hear what happened to you Sharky… it’s this time of the year, so everybody, please becareful!!!

update: Wallet was “found” about 3 blocks away from where I “lost” it about 2 hours later. It was taken to the police who called me. Of course I had cancelled all of the cards, but all ID was still there, credit cards still there, cash (including the $US1 and rMB 10Y) So… who knows

That’s good news, Sharky. You’re very fortunate – a lot more so than poor old Formosa, who had us close to tears with his recent bitter lament over the NT$15,000 lifted from his wallet.

But such honesty does seem to be more prevalent here than otherwise. My wife left her wallet in a restaurant last week, and had it restored to her with all its contents intact when she went there to inquire about it the following day.

shary, be very careful now. those two femme pickpockets probably just wanted the ID numbers of your credit cards, and even tho u cancelled them, there still might be trouble down the road.

I am however mighty glad to hear story has happy ending.

Not such a happy ending; I think Sharky must have missed a word about the cash, because she meant they found the wallet with ID and cards, but without the cash. :frowning: But Sharky, if this is how your year is ending, it must mean that the New (lunar) year will be a good one. Thinking positive thoughts… :wink:

Yup, sorry was typing with my 9 month old on my lap… I meant to say… Cash was gone… :frowning:

Braxton, I sure hope my luck is turning… and I really hope that the person who took the money is either a starving person who really needed the $ to feed the children and heat the house… or that person rots in Hell and has the fleas of 10,000 camels infest their bed sack…