Pictionary or Pictionary Jr

Looking for these games, perferably Pictionary Jr. Been to Toys R Us and the toy section at Shin Kwnag and they don’t have it. If anyone has an old one they’d like to sell…I’d be happy with that too!!

Just wanted you to know your seach is not hopeless. I too am in the market for Pictionary Jr!! I picked up a Pictionary game (bilingual cards) at a Toys R Us in Taichung. I am still trying to get some help in getting the Jr. edition here. Just wanted you to know I am trying too. :wink:

got it at toysrus in taipei around christmastime. english/chinese version.

Yeah I saw Pictionary at Toys R Us at the New York New York mall by Taipei 101.

What a pain!! I went to Toys R Us here in Taichung today. They didn’t have any Pictionary in stock. I asked them to call other stores to see if they could get one from somewhere else and they said no other stores have any because they returned all the stock because of poor sales :unamused: All this for a stupid game. I’ve lived here for years, but still feel frustrated at this kind of thing!!