Pictures in IE6.0

Why do pictures not appear in IE? I use 6.0 and whenever I browse, I can’t see the pictures on any websites. This makes many websites with picture based navigation useless.

It looks like a box with a cross in it. Did IE mess up the associations or something? I don’t have this problem with Opera!

VERY annoying.


click tools/internet options/advanced, check under multimedia and see if “show pictures” is enabled

Yes, it is okay. Thanks. Still no luck. Opera works fine, so it has got to be something wrong with IE6.0.


strange. could your internet link not be properly set up?

Well, I guess it could be software problem. It only exists in that partition of Windows. I have other partitions that work fine. But then i didn’t install anything on them!

Windows works well, until you really try to use it!


Try installing all the latest updates for IE. Had the same problem after updating a couple of months back, but the next one solved it …