Pictures of Hard Rock Cafe in Taichung?

您好,我有一個問題,希望無論如何您能幫助我。我是來自德國的Hard Rock咖啡廳的忠實粉絲,曾經參觀過世界各地大多數咖啡店,但從未去過台灣的咖啡店。早在1995年12月,一家Hard Rock咖啡廳在台中開業,歷時1年,位置是中港路1段345號B / 1,也是一家銀行。我試著從Hard Rock咖啡廳外面找一張照片。我想知道是否有任何方法可以找到一張照片。附件就是一張照片,咖啡廳可能在後面,但這張拍的不好。也許您知道誰有照片,也許有檔案或其他東西,也許您可以看到有參與經營這家咖啡館的公司。如果您能提供任何幫助或任何連絡我們都會很感激。非常感謝。

Hello Taichung, I have a question, please and hope you can help me in any way. I´m a big Hard Rock Cafe fan from Germany, visited most of the Cafes worldwide but unfortunately never made it to the Cafes in Taiwan. Back in December 1995 a Hard Rock Cafe opened in Taichung which lasted for 1 year. The location was B/1 No.345 - Sec. 1, Taichung Kang Road which was/is a bank as well. I´m trying to find a picture from outside of that Hard Rock Cafe. I wonder if there´s any way to find one. Attached is one, the Cafe might be in the back but it´s not a good picture Maybe you have an idea who could have one, maybe there´s some kind of archive or anything, maybe you can see which companies were involved in opening this Cafe. Any help, any contact will be highly appreciated Thank you very much and best regards