Pictures of the National Sun Yat-sen University dorms?

Hi! I figured this would be the best place to put this thread, since most of the people with any experience of Taiwanese universities probably hang around here. Of course, redirect me to a better place if there is one!

I’m most probably going to study Chinese at the National Sun Yat-sen University from September this year, if nothing unexpected happens, and I’m curious about what the campus looks like! Primarily the dorms, but anything is of interest really. There isn’t a lot to find on the internet.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hit me up on PM, I can send you some pics of my dorm, and let you know all about getting installed in.

Hey! I am wanting to attend NSYU this fall. I assume you went in 2013? could you please tell me all the advice and what you did?? I am kinda totally lost and I was wondering if someone could help me out.

I resided in the NSYSU dormitories around 2010, and there are now some Youtube videos showcasing their current state, which you may find informative:

Regarding my personal experience, living in the dormitories was quite pleasant. However, it’s worth noting that there were occasional encounters with monkeys, so it’s essential to be cautious and avoid interaction with them, especially as they may attempt to pilfer food.

One of the highlights of dormitory life was the views from the building, overlooking the beach and witnessing great sunsets. Additionally, residing amidst the mountains and enjoying the scenery from the dorm balcony offered a truly unique experience.

On the downside, the dormitories are situated quite a distance from the university’s main entrance, making it a lengthy walk to reach the nearest metro station. As a result, many students opt to use scooters or bicycles for convenient transportation around the area.

More info



Protect your food.


Thank you so much! That helps a lot. did you like NYSU? Was it worth it?? Was it rigorous? I am a beginner so I assume it would be rigorous enough for me. How as the community? That is one thing I am worried about. are there clubs I could join?? how is the homework load?? And is there a workout gym and is there a pool to swim laps??

And thank you so much for all of your advice!!!

Thanks so much! I will keep that in mind. Did you go to NSYU CLC? What did you think of it? What was your experience like there??? Pro and cons?? How long did you stay?? What was your favorite thing and what was your least favorite thing??


The school has outdoor pool right next to the jetty by the harbor entrance. Track field next to swimming pool.
All the big universities have gyms, so I’m sure NSYSU does, too.

You’ll like NSYSU.
A beach right by there where you can surf or chill
Harbor environment. Can walk/bike to Pier 2 Art Center.
Take boat to Cijin Island

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A good dorm is 50 percent like a hotel, 50 percent like a bordello. :clown_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

You may have to bring the bordello to your room

Yes, my experience at the university was fantastic; it felt like being on a summer camp holiday.

I attended the Chinese Language Center (CLC) for a year, and the classes were quite good. They were rigorous, especially for beginners, but that depended on the teaching method employed by the instructor. There was a significant amount of homework, particularly in writing and listening. I’m not sure if this has changed, but I recall that NSYSU had its own Chinese language books and used the Bopomofo method for teaching, which was initially confusing but that’s the way locals learned the language.

The university has a significant international community, especially with exchange students, which makes it easy to form new friendships and connections. However, one drawback is that you might not have as much interaction with local Taiwanese students, creating a kind of “foreigner bubble” that could affect your Chinese language progress.

Near the main gate, there’s a small gym and an outdoor swimming pool, although they are quite a distance from the dorms. As a student, you have access to all the sports facilities. I personally enjoyed playing tennis and even joined the dragon boat team.

There are numerous clubs available for you to join, but many of them cater more to Taiwanese students. I joined a Guitar club, but it was challenging to understand the instructions as they were all in Chinese.

some videos about the university facilities :

Ok thank you!!! that helps alot. I am applying today. Why do I need a xray scan?? I need to apply soon because I want to apply for the MOE scholarship and that dead line is coming up in March 30. How did you apply for the whole year? Did you just apply each time a semester ended? and how did the visa worked?? what did you do for all of that? how fast did they accept your application? and I just handed everything in except the xray and the insurance. I will hand in everything after I do my xray. Do you think that is ok?
thanks so much for your help!!

xray is probably for TB test. If you’re not from a county that vaccinates against TB/you didn’t get vaccinated against TB (most developed countries do not vaccinate against it due to the low frequency of cases and not particularly great efficacy of the vaccine in the first place), you can get the arm prick thing and have the doctor/nurse write a note/sign off saying “arm prick - negative”. (The arm prick test would show up positive for TB if you’ve had the vaccine, hence the X-ray. My doctor told me it would be “ridiculous” to expose someone to that kind unnecessary radiation)

To apply for the MOE scholarship, you’ll need to follow a specific process. Here’s a flowchart outlining the steps involved:


  1. CLC Application at NSYSU: Begin by applying to the Chinese Language Center (CLC) at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU). This is the first step in your scholarship application journey.
  2. Taiwan Office/Overseas Mission Application: Simultaneously, submit an application to the Taiwan office or overseas mission in your country. This application is crucial for obtaining your visa.
  3. Letter of Confirmation: Upon acceptance by NSYSU, you’ll receive a letter of confirmation. This letter is essential for your visa application, so ensure you have it before proceeding.
  4. Visa Application: Provide all required documents, including the letter of confirmation, to the Taiwan office or overseas mission. The visa process can take some time, as they need to receive your admission notice from the university.

Regarding the timeline:

  • Acceptance of Application: The speed of application processing depends on the volume of applications received by the university. Typically, it takes around 2-3 months for application review and acceptance.
  • Visa Process: The visa process is usually the longest part, as it involves verifying your admission and processing the necessary documents. Be prepared for some waiting time during this stage.

As for applying for the whole year:

  • Scholarship Duration: In your application to CLC at NSYSU, specify that you are applying for the Taiwan scholarship program




Maybe can get reimbursed ~NT$100 if the monkeys steal your lunch.