Pillow Discussion

[Original Subject: Good pillow?]

I need a decent pillow. I don’t want a standard one; I need one that supports the neck as well. In the UK I paid 40 pounds (about 2100 NT) for one filled with buckwheat husks. It was great. The advert for it said it was a traditional type from China.

Has anyone seen buckwheat husk pillows here, or tried the green bean filled ones? Has anyone tried a water pillow?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

You might want to consider a down pillow or memory foam pillow

Go to a shop that sells bedding materials – mattresses and pillows and the like – and try out the pillows with dried (used) tea leaves inside.

Try wadded-up dirty clothes, arranged inside a nylon bag to fit your head and neck.

Or your significant other’s derriere! (Which may require some adjustment…)