Pitfighting Taiwan

So I’ve been on the look out and thanks to a certain someone I’ve been able to locate the breeds that I’d like to become friends with once again.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve seen some shit that might surprise you and well…disappoint you as well. The good news is simple: I’ve found an animal that needs saving even if it puts a hefty hole in my pocket, he’s awesome and huge and of good temperment who is truly an animal that deserves better.

I’ve been around these dogs for quite sometime of my adult life and enjoy them for their abilities, sense of humor and over all capabilities. I cannot weight/wait (ha) to have him in my home (if all goes well) on Sunday afternoon.

The people that I’m dealing with are my sort of people…I like them…I just don’t like their attitude towards money and well…the end result would be ‘racism’ and what these dogs SHOULD (in their eyes) used for. However, they shared with me that the majority of the older breeders here are old dudes and family that exploited some of the guard dogs that were left over from the American Military back in the late 40’s and early 60’s. I was as skeptical as many of you might be until I researched the shit myself…calling Oz…Canada and The U.S of A…and they reluctantly want to send their dogs over. (yada yada…you’ll find one or two…but not a standard)

What I’ve found in Taiwan over the last month and especially over the last 2 weeks have been a astonishing dicovery of WELL KEPT and very capable animals. The attitude of the owners, however, is all bout cash. So if you go hunting for these dogs…expect them (The owners) to be very wary of you and why. These are the type of dudes most of you are scared of because this is very underground. Not something you want to invest too much time into unless you really want to have the dog of your choice and even experience how dark this side of canine life can be.

If luck is on my side…by Sunday afternoon…I’ll have an 11 month old male with a heart to learn, a big head and powerful stance weighing in at a whopping 85lbs. He’s awesome. His name in Chinese is A-Yung and English (me) Hawkeye. Amazing.

The one thing I will give the Taiwanese is that every dog that I have seen in the pitfighting scene he is extremely well kept. They’re gorgeous. The trouble I have with the whole ordeal is that these dogs are not seen as companions but as money. They will not be sold to anyone. And are seen as a waste if taken for anything else but gambling.

My 2 cents.

Edit I love these animals. If I get wind of any old fuckwitted badboy…through and through…I’m going to make it a point to be your nuisance. Threats and promises have a fine line…but consider this a heart felt promise.

Good Luck with the new pooch Monster. Sounds like a lucky dog to find you - new & better life for him.

We gotta play in the park.

I have the suspicion that close to where I live … 2 minutes walk … a guy is keeping about 8 pitfighting dogs … he even has a treadmill in a shack there, the dogs look very healthy and strong, although they are kept on a chain. Anyways they look like a pitbull crossbred something … mussle power beasts