🏞 Places - Escape from the City to Relax with the Nature. Center and South Taiwan

Do you know any cool places around Center or South Taiwan to go in order to have a break from the concrete walls and city vibes?
Besides camping… there’s any other option?

Like a Cabin, BnB, Villas, hotels surrounded by trees, forest, waterfalls, mountains, fresh air, starry nights etc.

Something like this :

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Could you perhaps be more specific as to which area of Taiwan? Just too many places out there. Need to narrow it down a bit.


Center , South Taiwan maybe?
Main porpuse is to share/ locate best secret places to relax. These places could be North, East,South, West, Center. So i think is hard to point it as “One specific area”

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If you’re not opposed to going off island, how about snorkeling with sea turtles at Liuchiu Island? HSR to Kaohsiung, then a 50-minute carshare ride to Donggang, then a 10-minute ferry to the island.

美人洞 beach on the northern shore is where the sea turtles are (you’ll see plenty), and there are ocean-view guesthouses all over the island.

You’ll need to rent a scooter on the island but you can circle it in 10 minutes.

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We’ve been to this place a few times https://www.top-cloud.com.tw/

Value for money is not great (like its not with any hotel in Taiwan) but its clean, nice people running it and decent breakfast with great views. We like to go watching stars up in Hehuanshan and use this hotel for a “base”.


Thanks. Well the place looks amazing . Thanks for share

I will second this, pretty laid back place. also some nice walking and fishing.
stayed at this B and B last time I was there, not to expensive but it was clean

You mean xiaoliuqiu

That’s the one. Not the big one.

I would also recommend Top Cloud 雲頂. It is a beautiful location. Don’t be discouraged by the tin shacks and grim parking lot when turning off 14甲 to get there. In fact, the food stalls are quite good even if they don’t take advantage of the location. There isn’t much hiking right around the hotel but, as mentioned, it is close to Hehuanshan and other hiking opportunities.
Note: Even though I booked the reservation with a credit card, they required cash payment when I got there. They said they couldn’t accept credit card payment on site. Not sure if the situation has changed since then.

Just a few other recommendations:

All have their pros and cons and unfortunately the larger places, even though the cabins are nice, can be quite crowded and noisy on the weekends and holidays (it is Taiwan after all) but they are in beautiful spots.


Nice spots! :pray: Thanks

Here one I just found out and tried to reserve it for double 10…but as all places are already full. Seems I will just drive on mountains roads until find good areas to sleep on car or camp. :camping:


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Lots of places in the greater Alishan area (not the Forest Recreation Area), if you have your own means of transport.

Xiaoliuchiu has become horrible over the last few years. I think too many people have invested in B&B’s there and it has become too commercialized. Plus this weekend every hotel, homestay, B&B there is fully booked. That is gonna be a nightmare weekend there.


It’s definitely not the secret, secluded place the OP is looking for. It’s nice, without the tourist crowds, though.

Ah, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been on a weekend.