Plain white cotton T shirt

Where can I find a supplier for some blank white T shirt… I need it to do some tie dyes…

i need to find decent tshiry for make somologs im looking for this brands froot of loom or hanes or something with good cotton
pd and place thata i can make impresion in shirts thanks :laughing:

I think Costco has them.

i need card there ?..
and i now where is thanks

I know this is an old request, but here’s some good info, for the record:

Good quality plain white cotton men’s tees (sold as undershirts) with polyester thread stitching are available at a reasonable price at Costco, Neihu branch (by the Minquan bridge). Yes, you need a card to shop there.

A variety of plain white cotton tees for kids, women and men with cotton stitching (so the stitching takes the tie dye too) are available at VERY reasonable prices at, which does ship to Taiwan. I strongly recommend that website for not only the tees, but all kinds of cotton items as well as dyes and other supplies for home dyeing, tie-dye, batik, fabric painting and so on.