Planning to apply for huayu scholarship in 2014


I am a recent graduate from a US university in a subject that is similar to international trade. Right now Im in China working in a internship that is related to international trade import and export. Im there to gain some experience learning about what international trade is. After a year, Im already planning to be out of China for personal reasons. Im thinking and even wanting to come to Taiwan to study mandarin and immerse myself into the “real” chinese culture.

I have taken some chinese courses back in my USA university. Yet even so, my limited chinese has NOT improved that much.

With that my main purpose of studying chinese in Taiwan is to NOT just learn about Taiwan however also practice and immerse myself into the language in the traditional chinese environment. In addition I always wanted to learn more about taiwan and east asia myself. Plus Im doing so for my professional benefit as Im planning to want to do business in East Asia (China and Taiwan specifically) as well as for the employers as well. At some point, I like to work in Taiwan in a field similar to international trade (which Im not sure how much demand there is for that job). In addition, I also want to do business between US, Taiwan and East Asia and learn about that.

In addition, I also happen to know some good recommenders from my US university I could ask.

I have heard about the huayu scholarship that people been mentioning where people use it to study mandarin at a language center in Taiwan. Yet Ive been hearing mixed responses about how competitive it is and what not. Any idea how competitive the Huayu enrichment scholarship is? (GPA requirement? What do they look for in a candidate?) Ideas on how I could maximize my chance…?

I’d say this: You need to REALLY want it. And you need to show that you REALLY want it. For example by studying Chinese by yourself, proving that you study by yourself, tell them about your motives, all of that stuff. I think that’s the best tip I can give you.