Plans for Thanksgiving?

What are your plans for thanksgiving? Any lucky Facebook employees here that get the whole week off?

Personally I’m taking off two days off. Thursday is not raining so I’m trying to convince my date to take a day off for hiking at 劍潭山. Friday I’m opening a bank account since that’s a whole day affair for us foreigners and banks close at 3:30.

I have no plans for thanksgiving. No family here in TW.

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How many accounts do you need?

If he makes 2 million a month, I imagine he needs quite a few. Or do like what most rich people do and have an accountant manage his money by putting it in stocks, mutual funds, ETF, properties, etc.

No one keeps millions of USD in cash around. Inflation eats it up.

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The majority of us here are not Americans, we have no plans, why would we?

Just go to another thread then :roll_eyes:

Thanksgiving was a month ago :stuck_out_tongue:



I learned yesterday it was originally intended to celebrate the ending of the lower Canada rebellion, which does sound worth giving thanks for!

The history is quite…vague. There are several lines of history that eventually converge.

Like US refugees bringing the customs over,
The aforementioned lower Canada rebellions
France conceding in the seven years war
The end of the War of 1812
French settlers having feasts of thanks
and the 1579 voyage of Martin Frobisher.

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This is the only thing I don’t know anything about, I need to look it up.

And then just like that @tempogain ascends to god-status as he now knows everything. :wink:


So you work at facebook eh?

There’s always money in the apple cider vinegar stand.

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Everybody doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving of course and it’s a little early but here’s a new product.

Thanksgiving dinner in a can.

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