Plastic Injection Moulding Companies Wanted

I have some plastic parts from the UK. I’m looking for a Taiwanese company which can give me a quote for manufacture (mould and injection process).

Any one know of any companies (must have an english speaking contact)?

When I was recently at CKS terminal 2 picking up some visitors, I found that the information desk is giving away english phone directories.
These are brilliant!!, mainly industrial/commercial listings (aka, like a ‘yellow pages’) with web links and email etc.
I’m clutching mine like it’s gold. If you are unable to ge one, let me know what area you are looking for and I’ll throw a few up to try.


This company may qualify:

Hi Swanky,

Not sure about the scale you’re thinking of, but I might be able to help you get a quote for the mould and production. My wife’s uncle do moulds, and her dad runs a plastic injection mould factory in Tainan. Email me some more details for the part.