Plastic surgery in Taiwan? Price range, hospitals, advice, etc

I’m planning to get an eyelid surgery and a nosejob. Ideally I planned to get them in Korea but because of Corona… oh well…

Can anyone share their experience with plastic surgery in Taiwan? Preparation process, fees, healing process, etc.

I’m currently living in Taichung so anyone knows good plastic surgery clinic in Taichung? And in Taipei as well since the best ones will be in Taipei, right?

I’m also looking for what to prepare & avoid.


would that be a ‘tall’ nose bridge surgery?

Not really. I think I already have a tall nose bridge but I think it’s just too wide & bulb-y

You probably don’t need the surgery. Most people are hypercritical of how they look because of what they think others might think of them. Learn to love yourself as you are first. Otherwise you may continue to find fault with yourself even after you get a nose job.

Personally i wouldn’t waste your money. Invest in other things that make you feel better.
Some plastic surgerys look fine, but nose jobs (imo) are one of the ones that never look right.
And another point is, (although i’m not sure if you are asian) having a wide nose is super common in taiwan. They even have a word for it -garlic nose.

I think a bit of skill with a makeup brush is really all you need if you want to change the appearance of your nose.

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That’s cosmetic surgery, not plastic surgery.

Over 800 plastic surgery clinics in Taiwan. And then add in hospitals, etc. In Taipei, Zhongxiao Road is famous for it, but really it’s accessible everywhere.

And business is up thanks to Covid.

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