Play based daycare or preschool

Hi all, we will be moving temporarily to Taiwan shortly, and I am hoping to find preschool recommendations for my 2 and 5 yr olds.

We will be in Xinyi, near Taipei 101. My kids are bilingual Mandarin and English, and I am open to Chinese, English, or bilingual schools. However, I would prefer a play-based option (more applicable for the older one) and a school that could take both kids.

Thank you!

All public kindys are play based

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Thank you—it was my understanding that it would be near impossible for us to get into a public kindergarten, especially halfway through the year? Is that not the case anymore?

It may be still the case in Xinyi, especially for 2 yo.

It is extremely difficult to get into a public kindergarten, even if you apply at the right time.