:slight_smile: Hi, I am the wife of the man who wrote earlier about activities for his wife and child. As he mentioned we have a 4 year old daughter and she is getting very bored of just adult company. Firstly thanks to those of you who wrote: been along to the community center, visited the parenting site etc etc. But i would really be grateful if those of you who have 4 year olds or similar and very kindly offered for my daughter to have new play-mates{ if the offer is still open} would contact me again. Thanks

Hi, were are you located? downtown taipei? There are a number of playgroups and I am sure that they would be happy to have you and your daughter attend.( I think I have seen your name on the Parent Pages site) but Braxton Hicks has the information on the next playgroup dates.

Good luck!

Playmates… boy… was that misleading :smiley:

haha, I fall for it too!! But Chijmes, hope you found the playmates for your family…