Playing MP4 files?

I downloaded a couple of football games.

For some reason they came down as MP4 files.

My media player won’t play them and Nero tells me I can’t burn them.

I’d like to watch them on computer, or burn to vcd, but so far neither will work.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Try Quicktime or iTunes?
Are you on a Mac or PC?
Try VLC or BSplayer.

I’m a PC user.

I downloaded the VLC thing, and every time I tried to use it, I got an error message and the whole thing shut down.

Have you used the following software to view MP4 files before?

If so, do I download them and are they free?


You may need the proper codec, or a divx player. I’ve got a Mac, and have used itunes and, I think, VLC to view mp4 video. Now, I pretty much stick to VLC, but while on pc I found that bsplayer took take of just about everything I needed.

Quicktime will play them.