Playing squash / racketball in hsinchu

Hello everyone ,

I am new in Taiwan, I live in Hsinchu (Xinzhu) city, I wanted to know if there are any squash courts in Hsinchu (Xinzhu) city/ Taipei city . posting the website of any form of info would really help a lot .

Thanks in advance

Hi, ask about the UMC gym on the science park, they have them i think…

Sorry I can’t join you to play in Hsinchu, but I’d love to play some racketball up in Taipei. I asked around a few years ago but couldn’t find any courts for racketball at all, and the only squash courts I found required you to be a member of some pricey elite club.

People say there is one court in the activity center of Hsin Chu Science Park: … _index.htm

but I don’t find any description on their web site.

You can write a email to them,

A Sqush court is much easy to find in Taipei…