Please add spoiler alerts


When posting about films, please either place a spoiler tag (see below) or type "SPOILERS" at the top of the text field (not in the subject field) if you are revealing plot details in a thread where the film in question (or rental home video) has not been out long.

This is most important in the early stages of a thread when not everyone has had the opportunity to see the film. As the discussion matures, and the film has had its run here (or has been available to rent for a while), revealing spoilers will not be an issue and it will not be necessary to type SPOILERS at the top.

Please don't start two threads on the same movie (one with spoilers, one without) unless there is some particular reason to do so.


[color=#BF0000]Moderator's note:[/color]


STEP ONE: Highlight spoiler text, then click on "SPOILER" button.

STEP TWO: See result.


Or even better, I suggest a combination of ImaniOU 's excellent new idea "whiting out" spoilers, then adding in [color=red]SPOILER[/color] ahead of the "whited out" spilled beans.

Ref (from "Lost in Translation" thread):
[color=violet]Quirky wrote:

Excellent "style" choice to hide your spoiler. I have not read it and won't until I've seen the movie. Thanks!
We should all copy you and white-out our spoilers and add a warning in future. This white-out effect is very respectful, but still satisfies that itching desire to spill the beans.

[quote="ImaniOU"][quote="alidarbac"]What was interesting/disappointing was it's lame Chinese name. I think it was


Because I am startlingly geekish, I will point out that I did this a while ago (and it might even have been done prior to that :slight_smile: ):

but I suspect it may not work too well if the post happens to come out on the "darker" background rather than the "lighter" (you see how the posts alternate colours?).

If you're going to really do it properly, you would have to quote it first (to get a white background) and then put the text in white as well, and I don't know whether people could be bothered. For my part, I got the idea from the Television Without Pity boards, where the use of white on white (or black on black) spoilers is board policy. However, their formatting options are different.


Gus hooked up spoiler tags that work like any other ones. The format is [spoiler.][/spoiler] (with out the little dot in there of course). It automatically matches the background color with the text so a person would have to highlight the area to see what was written.

Spoiler (Highlight below to see how nice it works)

That movie Seven Samurai is better then a 1000 pound titanium gorilla.


How the hell do YOU know how good a 1000 pound titanium gorilla is?


A 2000 pound titanium gorilla told me. When ask how good seven samurai was he replied "Better then a 1000 pound titanium gorilla." I just took his word for it (and dammit you would too).


That looks funny.


Oh, you mean =>insert spoiler here<=, right? Without the dot?

Wondering how I did it? Well here's how:

break up the code by inserting a bold and unbold in the middle of the word "spoiler" in the first set of brackets ({s{b}{/b}poiler} xxx{/spoiler}. Thanks to BFM (I think) for the very cool tip.

By the way...

Could the A&E mods, do something about the spoilers that aren't hidden? Like the one in The Village thread that's out in the open for anyone who doesn't scroll past it fast enough? Kinda ruined the movie for me. :frowning:


Help, can't get the spoiler tags to work

Oops, here they are. I tried to clean up an older post in the "Village" thread - maybe that's not possible?



Is it me or am I the only person who can't get these spoiler tags to work? Nothing in the prior 10 posts was hidden from my normal view. Did I just completely miss something intended to be a joke?


Hm, Neo, no idea. What browser do you use? and which web address? The spoiler tags work fine for me


Nevermind, I got some help and now it's working. For a minute, I thought it was all a big deadpan joke that I had somehow missed!


Just added a new version of the Spoiler tag - these seem to work with the old code :slight_smile:


Let us extend this "spoiler alert" to include books.