Please add your location to your profile

Please take a moment to add your location to your profile or state your location when posting in WCIF so that people are better able to help you when you ask where to find things. Thanks!

Thanks, Great tip!

I think mine has always been there.

Done! :bow:

Wherever I lay my hat.

Can’t find it, were do I find my profile?

how do you edit your profile?

Half the time, even if the SUBJECT of the thread also lists the location, ppl pay no attention and just tell you where stuff is in their area.

But its a good idea…

I just stated that i live in taipei

[quote=“thesmalltree”]I just stated that i live in taipei
Fascinating! Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

And I, the re-inventor of many a famous drink , have just declared my residence as CAlifornia ! Wheeeeeeeeeee

Go to “user control panel” on the top left of the page. Click on the “profile” tab. Add in your location or whatever other info you’re willing or want to add in there.

Being at the Thin Edge of The Wedge does not necesscelery entail others to assist one in acquiring resources. By the time they arrive, the Wedge is lodged somewhere else…