Please drive safely


It feels to me Taiwan’s racing and reckless driving issue isn’t any more prevalent than other countries. Smaller streets and car/pedestrian density with news not having much else to report makes it seem like it’s more prevalent. But I see way more reckless driving in the US than here. Sports bikes stunt on the High ways regularly and I see drag racing all the time. Weekends are filled with lambos flying pass people. I don’t think Taiwan is much different.


Taiwan is worse than the other countries I know and population density may be a factor to it, but not an excuse.


I’m thinking that 110% of you would consider my commuting mad driving.


Not making an excuse. But people are always acting like Taiwan is so much worse. I don’t believe it. I see cars racing all the time in the US. All the time. I see 16 years old rip out of school parking lots and sports cars flying by all the time. Even in suburban towns I see little flower shrines on plenty of streets for people who died.

I feel much safer driving in Taiwan vs US in many regards. There’s not a lot of low confidence low skilled drivers here and teenagers texting and not paying attention.


Ha! Was just thinking about my ride in this morning when I read some of these posts. :whistle:


Are you challenging me???


The racers (motorcyclists, scooters, and cars) on Xiwan Road drive me crazy. Now, if I’m not out the door by 6:45 am, I won’t cycle up that road anymore. And when I get to the top, I stop only briefly before heading back down. That’s too bad because the view is nice and there are places to have a coffee, etc.

There is a police presence on Xiwan Road, but they just drive slowly up and down the road. I even saw a scooter passing (fairly fast) a police SUV driving down. No reaction from the cops. Just kept on driving slowly down. C’mon, that’s not even trying. Not even a siren and lights? No wonder nobody is worried and the racers keep coming back weekend after weekend.

Harder punishments would do it. Parking the cop SUV horizontally in the middle of the road would help. The answers are so easy and hence the frustration.


I was concurring with you.


I also remember many years ago an old man on scooter in Kaohsiung, I’m sure something was wrong with him mentally, was blowing through red lights at high speed and didn’t even brake once so I knew something bad was going to happen to him. I see him continue down the road and as a tour bus was approaching from the opposite way full of high school students this guy swerved into the oncoming lane and just nailed the bus at high speed. The old man went through the window of the bus breaking it and finally bounced back in the road.
The guy was still breathing but barely when I pulled up a second later and lots of blood.
Me and another lady stopped to call 119 but We took off once the cops showed up but I’m certain this guy didn’t make it


It’s a lot worse than many countries, even in Asia. In South East Asia people are a lot more relaxed , Malaysia, Thailand , Indonesia…All better.


It’s a pity that Taiwan relaxed the heavy bike laws and they behave like this . I remember when heavy bikes were banned and it was better on the mountains. I don’t drive the 9 much as it’s chaotic, one of the last times I was driving it came around the bend and saw an upturned vehicle for no obvious reason…Just lying there upturned.
Many of these bikers are assholes if they lose their life well fuck em.


OK, but I’m faster than you. Don’t ever forget it.


I’m not sure about that.


I am I’m here a lot longer than you I’d say. There were scooter racers but it wasn’t the same volume of racers and such a big thing on weekends. It’s just too many racers . I see similar in MIaoli , only saved by the less dense population and more options in terms of windy mountain roads.


Was the upturned vehicle a heavy bike? Was it caused by a heavy bike? What does the upturned vehicle have to do with heavy bikes?


Just an example of the chaotic nature of the racing there. I have plenty of other incidents I can refer to.
Cant help it if I hate that selfish heavy bike racers ruin our mountain experience. Fucning assholes. :sunglasses:


So the upturned vehicle was an asshole cager and had nothing to do with heavy bikes.


It’s way way worse here than any other country I’ve experienced. I don’t understand why they don’t do something about it. The risks I see people take here on motorcycles and cars are simply unbelievable and many times greater in number than the US.

I feel way safer cycling 1. pre-dawn in the dark, 2. In the city vs. roads similar to those mentioned above. Neither of those should make any sense.


Don’t know. I have experienced MANY other incidents on that the road of ASSHOLE HEAVY BIKE RACERS fucning around.


That would have fit better in your anti-heavy bike rant. Just saying it was a strange example to use when bashing heavy bikes.